Hard to upgrade OS4 from 3.1.3 w/ jailbreak spirit,   I’m very disappointed with OS4 because that not same with my imagine.  Iphone 3Gs not good for multi tasking, moreover iphone 3G (it only have 128Mb for memory). better than dont try to upgrade [wait for stable OS]

before upgrade, dont forget to download ipsw file 3.1.3 and ipsw file 4.0 (to restore)

first time, I try upgrade w/ itunes 9.2. it not possible –> iphone 3.1.3 jailbreak spirit had problem w/ itunes 9.2 , upgrade failed –> restore to normal condition.

second time, I try upgrade w/itunes 9.0. restore 3.1.3 with ipsw on itunes. it takes 1 hour, after finish you can upgrade to OS4. after upgrade finish. you can show OS4. i think memory on 3GS not enough to running OS4. and we do to downgrade again… 

Facebook’s status for today:

“is converting his iPhone 3GS into fully working same w/ OS4… thanks to SpiritJB-Cydia”


When SpiritJB is Arrival, it  make things easier, now my iPhone can be restarted without having to be connected with a laptop. Since the initial purchase, my direct iPhone Jailbreak. Point to what is it? Quite simply, Apple makes a lot of the functionality of the hardware of the iPod / iPhone becomes limited even though we have the ability to support hardware. For example, a Bluetooth headset only be used for the same pairing with fellow iPod / iPhone for playing games. Not able to connect with GPS, Dial Up Networking, file transfer, etc. With a jailbroken (do not worry, all applications can still be purchased / downloaded from the Apple Apps store) opens wide opportunities.

The trick? Quite simply, please go to the website Spirit Jailbreak follow the instructions there (very easy), download the software (first turn off anti-virus on Windows, because there are false alarms, but God willing I guarantee secure software kok) spiritJB. Connect the iPod to the USB to PC / laptop, run the jailbreak software with Windows 98 compatibility mode (googling how to please her), and less than 10 seconds, the iPod will terjailbreak (jailbroken). Defaults will load the Cydia jailbreak to install jailbreak applications, but I choose to use Rock (can be installed via Cydia). It looks like this will

photo see on the beside, at least this number of applications that I use to have the functionality
1. Rock: used to install the jailbreak applications (this is a replacement from Cydia)

2. xGPS: used to navigate turn by turn, use the Google Map base. First downloadable maps via a laptop, then transferred to the IPhone (offline mode)

3. Backgrounder: to make the iPhone can do multitasking (such as is known, only the iPhone OS 4 – which is currently not out, which can perform multi-tasking)

4. iBluever: to do dial up networking via bluetooth to HP. Which means, wherever I can go online without being dependent on the presence of Wifi. Currently there are two alternatives that I use, one using HP Sony Ericsson G502 to connect 3G/HSDPA, two use WMWifiRouter on the HTC Touch Pro to make the Wifi connection on the go. So far, hell, use the WM Wifi Router faster than dial-up access via bluetooth (after all, I still use the Demo version)

5. Kirikae: to display the applications are in multi-tasking (including lethal, etc). Backgrounder this software partner.

At the very least, some software on the iPhone has made me not only a music player, plus for playing games, but also can run a function like the iPhone four telephony services like GPS and Navigation Service.