Bananas are a popular fruit that has many secrets yet unknown. Here are some strange facts about the strange and delicious fruit.

1. The discovery is banana man

Banana as we know it is a human invention of the year 5000 BC Because the people of that era is very picky in choosing food and they do not like beans. So, they create hybrid plants until they managed to make seedless fruit. Although there is still a small seed in a banana, but they do not care. See that strange banana in those days.

2.Actually, Not Trees Banana Trees

It’s true! The tree was actually only herbal disguised as a tree. A great herb.Trying to be a coconut tree.

3. Banana trees produce fruit only once, Then Dead

Banana tree or a herb grown only one bunch of bananas and then die. Fortunately, the tree creates new shoots (baby plants) before finally dying. This cycle lasted for ten years, and then certain organisms die. That is a picture of a banana flower. Can be eaten too lho!

4. Own Banana Extinction Risk

Due to the above two explanations (herbal fruit seedless man-made), plus the kind of plantation agriculture (the lack of genetic variety = weakness) the super popular Cavendish banana is always risky. One risk is an aggressive pest or disease, and bananas will be extinct. Indeed, the Cavendish banana we eat today are very high risk of extinction is a replacement for the Gros Michel banana which is identical with the way the dodo in the 1960s.

5. Bananas Is Anti Drunk

Bananas are a hangover is incredible! Therefore, Coke (soda, cola drinks), they are rich in potassium. Eat one before bed or after wake up (and going back to bed).

6. Damn If You Can Carry Over Banana Boat

This superstitious sailors. Some ships even Banana Boat Banana Republic or there are signs ban on carrying bananas. Nobody really knows the exact reason. Some say it is because the ship carrying bananas to go fast so that the fruit is not damaged, and as a result they can not be fished. Some say that the fruit it produces methane gas that can kill the sailors. These different opinion makes me wonder, how discoveries happen Banana Boat?

7. You Need To Use Nuclear Science Extracting Juice from Banana

It is difficult to extract juice from bananas, although bananas have a 80% water. Have you ever tried squeezing a banana? banana molecular structure is not very easily influenced. Banana juice are available at this time is banana blend, do not squeeze the banana. What is clear cheating. But for some reason, Indian atomic scientists are trying to find a way to extract juice from bananas. Yes, the atomic scientists. From Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Just imagine.

8. Could Banana Used As Weapons

In Monrovia, Maryland, a man robbed a store with a banana. The thief took a banana from the table and began hitting the officer, who took out a knife. The man with the banana without the benefit of the crime, except bananas, which damaged at the time. And in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a man hiding in a banana under his shirt and pretended it was a pistol when he tried to rob the store. He was caught by the owner of the store and secure the evidence while waiting for the police. Strangely, he was accused of trying to do the crime robbery with a dangerous weapon. It’s not a very effective weapon, but weapons are nutritious.

9. Banana Represents Important Staple Food

No surprise to become the most popular fruit, but ranked fourth as a staple food, it’s very surprising (after wheat, rice, and corn). In some poor areas on the planet, eat a banana for 70% of food consumption.

10. India Is World’s Largest Producer of Banana Followed Brazil

In these countries, although Cavendish is still the king, there are many varieties of bananas. In Brazil, in any one market we could find at least half a dozen kinds of bananas: baby banana, banana Plantae, purple banana, bananas, apples, bananas, silver, and so on.