when your dreams are so wonderful
ya never materialized anyway
when you run after your dreams
and never to yes please

whatever happens
I’m always there for you
please do not be sad
Cause everythings gonna be ok

one of several possible
you fall in with no expectations
I dedicate that moment sports
with the ideals and spirit of hope

we went on one by one cause and effect
but our heart’s calm eye view
guide the eye toward the wind happy
you and I know there’s always the way

I also know it kept crashing problems
how fast the waves crashing against the rocks
but I know I know you’re able to remain calm
dealing with me until the end came

When you expect friendliness love
yes you can never come on yeah
hear me sing all this is not over yet

not one which successive steps
liver cell emotional embrace
Hold my heart unite our step
same sense of selfless
This love Across the sea
hug me fly with me
far (Come fly with me, baby)

I’m from the tip of his fingers along the hair
This figure which accepts the weakness of the heart
yea .. I love you .. This we love
yes quite a time for one love

love this one will be guided path
Close yo calm your soul at my side
who lay waiting for you to taste
happy until the end of time