Approximately 50 children orphanage Casa Herbalife get a chance to meet Leo Lionel Messi in a special ceremony at the Hotel Mayfield Hotel in Seoul.

A group of 50 underprivileged children, aged between 8 and 14, which is supported by ChildFund and kwon Sangro as part of a Casa Herbalife program, have the opportunity to put their questions to the current holder of the Golden Ball. There are questions of all kinds, from what is the secret of the game, if he ever thought of giving up football and what they must do to be like him.

Football, soccer and football

Argentine star as usual, patient, polite and friendly. He told the children that most of his success is due to the consistent hard work, and assured them that he never gave up dalampermainan. He recommended that they spend time playing football and enjoying sports, “Even if I’m not a pro, I’ll play football because I loved it so much”

Leo Messi has a very special link with the children, both in her role as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and through his work with Leo Messi Foundation. Now he also worked in the charitable projects of Herbalife, one of his personal sponsor and the sponsor of FC Barcelona nutrition.

Vice President of FC Barcelona highlights concerns for Kids

Josep Maria Bartomeu, sports Club vice president, also took part in the event. He told the audience that the FC Barcelona, Messi and Herbalife are all very concerned about the welfare of children and and are of interest, together with UNICEF, Bartomeu also stressed “We are very proud of that.”